The Joys of Being Tied Spread Eagle

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Couples always try and find new and exciting ways to spice up their relationships, one way that always seems to make its way into the conversation is tying one partner up to the bed spread eagle. Regardless of whether you are male or female this is an exciting and curious exercise for you to try with your partner.

There are something to keep in mind though when doing this. First many people have major issues with being confined, so make sure that you and your partner have a trusting relationship before venturing out on this adventure.

After you have gained the trust of your partner place a blindfold over their eyes, trust me this will add to the excitement. Once your partner is secured to the bed post, start out with something sensual such as a feather rubbed up and down their body. It is important to pay close attention to your partners facial expressions as this will help guide you in what to do and what not to do.

Another interesting thing that you can use in the experience is hot wax, one word of caution though try and watch those sensitive areas on your partner. Now that you have worked your partner up into frenzy it is time to seal the deal by performing oral maintenance to your partner. Trust me when I say that your partner will be climbing the walls during this experience, since their nerve receptors will be going crazy from all that has been done.

Many people do not realize the joy that can be had while being tied up to a bed. For one thing it allows your partner unlimited access to your body and allows them to try things that under normal circumstances may not be able to do.

As mentioned before the blindfold will add more passion to the overall experience. A friend of mine relayed a story to me about her and her boyfriend where she was the one tied to the bed. Her boyfriend placed a blindfold over her eyes and proceeded to glide an ostrich feather all over her body. She said that half of the excitement was not knowing what was going to happen next. One thing that many people forget is that with the loss of one sense your other becomes that much more enhanced. This allows for your touch sense to be at a level that it normally is not at and intensifies the sexual experience. In closing when you get home tonight try this with your partner I promise they will thank you for a long time to come.

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